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Update # 1
Update # 1 Starting from October 3, the minimum withdrawal amount will be canceled with adding 1 cent to each withdrawal request if the withdrawal request is less than 10 cents The minimum monthly plan will be reduced by 15% to $ 20. Transferring between clients' accounts is now available and for transferring to another account, submit a written request to this email It has the following information Username and email Transfer amount The means of transfer Investment plan
The money will be deducted from your account and added to the other's account. Starting from October 15th, the withdrawal will be available on a different withdrawal method from the deposit method. The name of the withdrawal method, the number, the mail or any information on which the profits will be received Note (fees may be available on the transfer process, and you will receive a message before the transfer with fees if there are fees and you are free to agree or cancel and in the event of cancellation, the transfer will be made to the same method of deposit) The duration of executing a withdrawal request varies according to the method you chose Starting November 1, partial withdrawal of the capital will be available
Oct-2-2020 06:12:03 PM